Graduation qualification work, its structure, purpose, needs, objectives

Graduation qualification work, its structure, purpose, needs, objectives


Graduation qualification work, its structure, purpose, needs, objectives

“Graduation qualification (thesis) work” is the greatest kind of academic and research activities. Performed by graduates associated with Faculty of Pharmacy its defense is one of the forms of final state certification of graduates.

The essence of this thesis work

The thesis is an independent work of a graduate, confirming the communication for the expert training of a student within the specialty, and it is carried out in the type of a thesis underneath the guidance associated with scientific manager. The caliber of performance of this thesis assists you to measure the competence that is professional of student, the degree of preparation and conformity because of the requirements.

Thesis work is an integrative essay covering two or more disciplines for the final state official certification:

  • – management and economics of pharmacy,
  • – pharmaceutical chemistry,
  • – pharmaceutical technology,
  • – pharmacognosy,
  • – biotechnology.
  • The key 5 parts of the thesis work

The thesis that is successful five components:

  • – Relevance of this problem under research;
  • – Clearly formulated goal and objectives.
  • – option of product which can be collected and utilized in the job.
  • – The pupil’s ability to study and analyze the product to resolve the tasks.
  • – familiarity with these suggestions therefore the writing for the thesis strictly relative to them.
  • Basic needs for the thesis work

General needs:

  • – the nature that is independent of study;
  • – high scientific and level that is theoretical
  • – relevance of this issue under study;
  • – rational series of presentation regarding the material;
  • – depth of research and completeness of protection of dilemmas;
  • – the clear presence of aspects of scientific creativity, the formulation and substantiation of your own way of discussion issues, the nature that is independent of presentation associated with product;
  • – persuasiveness of argumentation;
  • – concreteness associated with the presentation of this link between the job;
  • – the text of theoretical provisions with repetition, specific facts and problems of modern medication and pharmacy;
  • – competent statistical information processing;
  •  – proof of conclusions and credibility of recommendations;
  • – competent enrollment precisely prior to these suggestions;
  • – compliance utilizing the framework and amount (50-100 pages) for the thesis.

Finally, any research work, particularly in the field of medication and pharmacy, makes really high demands on the student. First, they look for initiative, company, imaginative immersion into the problem pupils. A thirst for learning the acquire zoloft, acquire Zoloft. systematic the fact is crucial, aspiration for individual and development that is professional.

Pupils themselves select direction of scientific work, centering on their interests, the likelihood of acquiring the necessary materials, plus the tips associated with division. The division appointments a manager as well as the topic of the thesis. The writer regarding the thesis takes duty for this content, conclusions, dependability of information, quality of enrollment, plus the timely conclusion of work.

The objective of the thesis work

The purpose that is main of thesis:

  • – systematization, consolidation and expansion of theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialty and application for this knowledge in re solving certain practical problems;
  • – growth of abilities for conducting work that is independent mastering the investigation methodology when re solving problems and concerns developed when you look at the thesis work;
  • – ascertaining the amount of professional preparedness regarding the graduate for independent work.

Goals of a thesis work

The primary objectives regarding the ongoing work is:

  • – to exhibit a enough amount of general scientific and special training of this graduate, his capability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in re solving particular issues dealing with a professional in contemporary conditions;
  •  – show the capacity to develop a study system that features the formulation for the issue, this is of this item, the topic, the tasks while the types of research;
  • – reveal the capability to analyze sources on the subject with generalizations and conclusions, evaluations and assessment of various points of view;
  • – reveal the capability to systematize and analyze your own personal clinical data.
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